Pithagurir Payas (Rice Powder Souffle)

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Pithagurir Payas (Rice Powder Souffle)


  • Milk: 1 ½ litre
  • Sugar : 100 gms
  • Rice powder : 100 gms
  • Grated lemon rind: 1 level tsp
  • Fresh cream: 75 ml
  • To decorate : a tender lemon leaf


    • Keep 250 ml milk aside.
    • Boil the remaining milk in a heavy bottom pan.
    • Reduce to about 700 ml upon slow heat stirring occasionally.
    • Mix the rice powder to 250 ml milk and add to the pan.
    • Stir continuously so that no lump is formed.
    • Add sugar, grated lemon rind and stir.
    • Keep stirring till the payas thickens. Remove from fire.
    • Beat the cream well.Add the cream to the pan and stir well.
    • Serve Pithagurir Payas chilled.
    • Decorate with a tender lemon leaf while serving.

    Notes: When I first served the above sweet dish to my young friends Muni, Jeeta, Bornali and Purabi they thought that it was lemon soufflé, not a rice powder payas. I had to convience them by giving away the recipe.

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