Tel Pitha (Delicious Fried Pitha)

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Tel Pitha (Delicious Fried Pitha)


  • Sticky rice: 1 ½ cups
  • Rice: 3 ½ cups
  • Grated jaggery: 1 ½ cups
  • Water: ½ cup
  • Grated lemon rind: 1 tsp
  • Ground pepper: 2 level tsps
  • Mustard oil: for deep frying


    • Soak both the rice together for an hour. Drain well.
    • Pound the rice together to a fine powder. Sieve.
    • In a mixie mix the jaggery with water to a smooth paste.
    • Add the jaggery paste to the rice powder. Sprinkle lemon rind and mix well.
    • Keep covered for four hours..
    • Heat mustard oil in a karahi. With a tablespoon drop batter to the oil.
    • Deep fry the pithas one by one till golden brown upon medium heat.
    • Relish Tel Pitha with a cup of hot tea.

    Notes: It can be stored for a week. Before serving warm the pitha in a warm oven for two minutes.

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